Province of Bangalore

The Province of Bangalore came into existence on 19th March 1979. The Province, comprising of three states (Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) of South India in 1979, with 15 houses and 184 members, has made a marvellous growth in the past years. It was bifurcated in 1992. Andhra Pradesh was made into another province and Kerala and part of Karnataka was made into the present Bangalore Province and was dedicated to the Sacred Heart.

Now there are 349 members in the Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore who reach out to the poorest of the poor through 44 centres spread over the states of Karnataka and Kerala. We become messengers of hope and channels of God's love to the thousands and thousands of poor people realized through our Mission Centres, Parishes, Trade Schools, and Orphanages, Home for the Handicapped, Youth Centres, Social Work Centres, and our Shelters for the Children on the Street.